Sigrid's personal experience of traveling the world and living abroad has allowed her to develop a wonderfully unique eye for blending a variety of decorative arts into a client's place of work or private residence.

Over the years, she has developed a philosophy of discovering the individual lifestyle demands of a client that allows her to successfully blend elegant design with a livable environment.

For many years, Sigrid owned Sigrid Insull Asian Fine Art and Antiques, an exclusive gallery on Melrose Place in Los Angeles. Although Asian art has been a longtime passion, Sigrid's varied training and interests have provided her with expertise in contemporary art and furnishings as well as in the many styles and periods of cultures worldwide.

Sigrid's formal training includes a BFA and MFA from Indiana University and a year of advanced work at the Chicago Institute of Design. She taught at the University of South Carolina and was a tenured professor at NYU, Stoneybrook, where she was the director of the theatre design program. During this time, she developed a successful career in costume design for theatre, film, and television.

Her fascination with the design world led her to a four-year collaboration with a builder of custom, upscale homes, where she was involved in every element of the design from the foundation to the furnishings. She accommodates her client's needs ranging from aesthetic to budgetary and is interested in small projects as well as large ones.

Sigrid considers each new project an opportunity to collaborate on an investigation of fresh ideas and new horizons in modern-day design and decorating.

Sigrid Insull Design . 3111 Bel Air Drive . Regency Towers #25G . Las Vegas . Nevada . 89109 . 323.573.1401 .
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